Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE with Qlik Visual Analytics Tool

So what is Qlik? Qlik is a visual analytics tool that reveals insights into your data,  using a diagrammatic model that is easier to understand and it can be integrated with Esri's platform.

Differentia Consulting put forward a smart business intelligence (BI) dashboard application, that reduces the risk and overall cost of owning business systems. It can help fast track projects and provide you with functional templates that help the adoption of BI. These are big statements, but does it work in practice?

For example, NHS Trusts use Qlik to measure day-to-day activities through the help of metrics. Using real time analysis, individual patients can be looked at. What does this lead to? Patterns can be observed easily. Problems can be identified quicker. According to Differentia Consulting, which I have met at Esri UK Annual Conference, "It delivers valuable and dramatic insights into general financial performance, profit and loss improvements, patient level costing / service line reporting and suppliers – all from one platform, and in minutes, not days".

Qlik can be linked to ArcGIS using an extension object, as portrayed in the video demonstration.
It is a very good analytics tool to ask questions to your data and integrate as many data points as needed in your systems. Hope to look at this in more detail in the future. Happy learning!

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