Sunday, March 13, 2016

Would you use the road atlas?


I intend to use the GIS 101 blog to write and share my experiences of using geospatial analysis, in the form of geospatial information systems (GIS), as a business school student. If you want to find out more about what GIS means and geospatial analysis, I strongly suggest that you visit the Overview page or the links I have provided before continuing.

I believe GIS is very valuable to anyone studying  a business degree due to its applications to the real business environment. To give a brief example, imagine you have just been hired as an operations intern at Amazon after graduating. Once the goods are delivered to the depot from the port or manufacturing facilities, they have to be delivered to distribution networks. The planning of the routes the lorries will take needs a lot of analysis. How are you going to do that analysis? Use the road atlas? Probably not! Easiest way would be to use Google Maps, but it does not tell you the locations of the distribution networks, the depot and you are not able to input your own Amazon customer data. You will waste a lot of time using Google Maps and you will not make the full usage of GIS software available to you, due to Google Maps being a purposely build GIS software to help us get from A to B! This is where GIS software comes and helps you! ArcGIS Online provides ready to use maps and the access to open source data such as income per capita for the region. Using this you can plan the most efficient routes, take in consideration traffic and stops to the multiple distribution networks as well as pauses for the driver. There are endless analyses available to you and you can also plan routes for the drivers from the distribution network to customers' home address.

I have used GIS for marketing helping me with understanding customers and location marketing by sending push notifications when someone is in the proximity of the store location. Moreover GIS can help you in risk management, mapping voters, natural disasters and for the most technological savvy of you, CREATE APPLICATIONS!

I hope you are more interested in GIS than you were when I firstly mentioned geospatial analysis. Esri has created online software that allows anyone with just a bit of interest in geography, business and management to become a better student, employee, business owner and individual.

Thank you and see you at the next GIS 101 post.


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